Sunday, July 26, 2015

Body art

The older I get the more people start to ask me about tattoo. When and Why are probably the most common questions that you can come up with. The next are "Was it painful?" and "What did your mother say?" My favourite one of all is: "Why the heck you needed it needled onto you skin? Couldn't you just leave it?"

I guess a tattoo is forever your best friend. Even when you forgot it's there... it's always there. It has its stories, memories and moments. It's strongly inked onto your skin. It doesn't matter if you met the perfect "match" 3 years before it got inked or you did it by spontaneous urge. It's there.
Same thing is with the friends you make. You could hit it off with a brief second of laughter or similar music taste. But it can also take time.
I took my time. I got used to the idea. I got used to the fact that I'd like it on my wrist. I got used to the fact that I need it on my skin. I grew so deeply in love with it that it was the first thing on my mind in the mornings.

Body art might be something just for fun... or it could show your taste in art, love and thoughts. It might be something to remind you to keep rocking or just something to remind you what home means. Good memories. Stupid adventures. Laughter and tears. Part of you.

Some people are inked onto your skin. Notice them. Thank them. Take care of them.
She is forever inked. If not skin, then heart.
Forever blessed.

// person-through-my-eyes

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