Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Indie-movie with sunshine fields feat. Denmark

PRESS PLAY BEFORE READING *insert happy face* 

I don't care what they say about "life is not a movie." Life is exactly like a movie or your favourite TV-series. But you have to choose it to be.
Life is like "How I Met Your Mother." One day you will realise that you have that close group of friends. They don't have to be friends with each other. But they all have weird characters, wild adventures and love which makes them your family. Life is like the romantic indie movie that you saw when you were all alone, crawled up in bed with Yogi tea and tumblr opened at the same time. Do you ever realise that they had those exact moments also in those movies? That all the characters are sometimes alone and think what to do next? That all the romantic, funny, sad and exciting things could happen to you too?
And don't even expect less. Live every second. Someone might be recording - and it's your brain. Heart. Soul.

Go ahead, take your bike and see that sunset you have dreamed of. I did that. Go without your friends, Instagram or Snapchat. Leave it all to yourself. You don't have to show off, you don't have to tell others where're you at. Just be there, take a second and take a mental picture.

I finally had a Denmark feeling again. Standing there. Watching the sunset. The flat yet adorable mountains around me. The feeling of feeling placed. Like I felt there when I took walks near the fields; when I looked at their hopeful, playful and happy faces; when they enjoyed singing together even more than estonians. The feeling of feeling right, two feet on the ground but head in the clouds. The feeling of "you are enough and life's a darling little adventure."
And yes, everything wasn't and is not pretty... but I always had the knowing that the sun will come out after the rain (at least at some point) and hygge will took place in the evening when everything is in the dark.
Denmark makes you feel like you're safe; makes you understand that it needs some time to blend it but it will be worth it... all the time before the tragic end it felt like home.
I guess I will always do.

And now I stand here and understand that we need to build some bridges up again. Call a friend, get connected to yourself again or visit your favourite country... Even if you have made some bad mistakes in the past. Even if the people that mean a lot wouldn't expect to hear those words from you... even if they maybe have forgotten you. Say it. Say you miss them and you're sorry. Say that they changed your life in a weird, small but significant way. Thank them.
Don't let your cold head take over your warm heart. I've made that mistake. You'll be better.

Be better in the present. The past you is now... well left in the past!

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