Friday, July 3, 2015

Time, me and the sea

Traveling is about sun kissed skin, cute eye contact and not knowing what happens next. 
Losing time in the same continent. 

I finally lost myself in time, me and the sea.
I breathe in the salty air, the warm summer breeze and words which I don't understand. I manage to get nothing done but that's the whole plan. To do nothing and at the same time explore everything. Or at least let the wind blow my boat to one way and then the other. Let the waves shake me until I find my center and language again. I feel the sand crumble between my fingertips and skin. It's the sound of feeling alive and enjoying the sleep; walking as far as I can and sitting every time when possible; it's the sound of thinking and releasing.
Then I understood that I lost myself in me... with time, responsibilities and people.
I found myself in the sea.
Doing nothing but being everything.

I don't trust people who won't give a chance to discover mountains, enjoy beach hair or find peace in summery Europe. 

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