Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Refreshing Tuesday

My mom said there will be days like this.

Days when shower-time is longer than usual and daydreaming is on the highest level. After yoga session I will lie on the floor the next 30 minutes, not even for meditating, but for just being. Days when I would gladly avoid everyone who is too intense, enthusiastic or dramatic. When outside it might be a chill summer day but my own room feels more safe... and safe is all I need. Days when George Ezra becomes my best friend, calming my mind and comforting my heart. All the past "what if-s" are haunting me and they make me think what could have been different. All the bridges I have burned and all the bridges I'm building up again. Mornings turn suddenly into afternoons and afternoons turn into sleep. Thinking turns into talking and talking turns into calm realisation. The answers I've been looking for will just simply arrive to me, everything makes sense and I'm breathing the same pace with life again.
Days when old friends turn new again. Days when I still hope bandages would heal deep wounds. Days where love is far away. Physically.
Days when love is close. Mentally.

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